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Sherpa Winch Accessories

Sherpa manufacturers a range of optional extras that can be added to your offroad winch kit. For details on each item see below. To order you can do so on the product page using the tick box options. If you have any queries don't hesitate to email us.  

1) Wireless Remote Kit

While all Sherpa winches come with a wired hand remote included you may want the option of a wireless remote kit. 


  • the ultimate in reliability, store the receiver and remote inside your vehicle!
  • can be retrofitted to any Sherpa 4x4 winch. We've tried many models of inbuilt wireless remotes and all fail when submerged in water.
  • plugs directly into the port on your Sherpa winch control box.
Wireless Remote Kit

Technical Details


  • Working Distance - up to 65ft
  • Lead Length - 32"
  • IP Rating - IP68 Enclosure
  • Made in Australia
  • Warranty - 12 Months

2) Fuse & Holder 500A Inline

Suitable for use with 4x4 winches, boat trailer winches and other high load applications. The inline fuse will protect your cables and vehicle from short circuits which has potential to damage electrics and start fires. Kit includes 1 x 500A fuse and 1 x Holder.

Fuse & Holder 500amp Inline Circuit Breaker 500A for Truck Winches
Specification Value
Rating 500 Amps
Connections M8 bolt and nuts
Finish Nickle plated
Dimensions approx 130 x 40 x 40mm

3) Battery Isolation Switch 2000A

An essential extra for all vehicles running a winch! Completely isolate power to your winch when not in use. Prevents unwanted powering on of the winch which can occur in motor vehicle accidents or by people interfering with the control box.

Winch Isolation Switch


  • Voltage - 6 to 48V DC
  • Rating - 500A Continuous
  • Max rating - 2000A (10 seconds)
  • Dimensions - 70(D) x 100(H)mm

NOTE: For dual motor or dual battery winch set ups you will require 2x isolation switches.

4) Neoprene Winch Cover

The Sherpa Neoprene Winch Cover helps to protect one of your most important recovery assets from the harsh elements of 4WDing.


  • 4mm weatherproof wet suit grade neoprene material.
  • Snug fit to ensure best protection with fast and easy fitment - no ropes or cords to get tangled.
  • Folded seams to ensure longevity of the cover.
  • Protects from road debris, stone chips and the elements including damaging condensation build up
  • Protects your rope from any UV degradation.
  • Suits Sherpa 28m, 30m and 45m single motor winches. Does not suit dual motor winches.

Neoprene Winch Cover

Winch Cover Specifications:

  • Length - 550mm*
  • Height - 230mm*
  • Depth - 160mm*

*The material has a natural stretch of up to 10% greater then the mentioned dimensions.

5) Pulley Block 10MT

Use a 4WD snatch block to double the pulling force of your winch. Also handy for winching around trees or in difficult situations. Ideal for use with both synthetic and cable winches. Rated to over 22,000Lb (10,000kg)

Snatch Block 10T


Includes grease nipple. Beware of cheap copies, they won't handle the high loads of powerful winches.

  • Suitable for a load of 10,000kg or 22,045Lb
  • Heavy duty scissor design
  • Grease nipple for lubricating the spindle
  • Simple design makes for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • 5/16" to 1/2" cables / ropes 
  • Long lasting powder coat
  • Includes carry pouch

6) Soft Recovery Shackle 31,933lb

Now 4x4 enthusiasts have a choice when it comes to the type of recovery shackle they use. Steel D-shackles are quickly being replaced with Sherpa's soft synthetic rope shackles. Rope shackles have many safety advantages over steel shackles and make for an ideal upgrade to any recovery kit.

Soft Recovery Rope Shackles

Technical Details

Specifications   Loop Diameter Minimum Breaking Strain (MBS)
11mm (7/16") 152 mm (6") 14,515 kg (31,933 lb)

7) Extended Battery Cables

A matching set of battery cables, one red and one black. Each cable is 10ft long and comes with terminals and a protective boot. The terminals have a diameter of ~9mm. The 10mm cable core has exceptional current rating making them suitable for all Sherpa 4x4 winches at maximum load.

Note, crimps are no longer supplied fitted to the cables to allow cables to be cut to the perfect length during installation.

Battery Cables 3m (Set of 2)

8) Rope Recovery Pulley

This is a genuine Sherpa friction pulley designed to be used with synthetic winch ropes to increase the power of your winch. Use as an alternative to traditional heavy snatch blocks / pulleys. Compatible with synthetic winch ropes in the 8-12mm size range.

  • Lightweight precision CNC machined 6000 series aluminium
  • WLL 10,000kg or 22,000 pounds (97.9 KN)
  • Mil-A-8625 F Hard Anodized Surface
  • For Synthetic Rope Diameters 5/16 to 1/2 inch (8-12mm)
  • Large 120mm outside diameter with 37mm inner makes use with soft shackles simple
Winch Rope Pulley Ring Snatch Block

9) Winch Damper

The Sherpa winch dampener or winch blanket is an important safety feature for any winch recovery. This PVC blanket is tough and durable. Considered essential for winching with cable winches to prevent injury from snapped cables. It is also best practice to use a winch damper with synthetic rope winches as well.

  • PVC material weighted to effectively dampen a broken winch cable or rope
  • High visibility reflective strips on both sides of the dampener
  • Heavy duty high quality Velcro to secure the dampener into position
  • 3 Year Australian Warranty!
Winch Cable Damper Blanket

Don't forget all the above accessories are available on the individual winch model pages through check boxes. So select your desired winch based on the pulling power, select your accessories and then check-out. All winches ship FREE in Canada.